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Player has a total of 85 donor points.
Rank: 34
Base Claims: 1,768
Total XP: 489,219
Objective Claims: 0
Kills: 1,987
Players Referred: 0

Latest 20 Kills (Most Recent at Top)
Victim(Unit)Killer's Unit
Rand_Grim(TDR-7M) HBK-4P
Jetman123(TDR-7M) HBK-4P
Rand_Grim(NG-C3A) HBK-4P
Rand_Grim(ANV-3R) HBK-4P
Sable Tseng(TDR-7M) PTR-6S
Morlok(PTR-4D) MR-5M
Morlok(BLR-3M) WHM-7K
Morlok(TDR-7M) HBK-4P
Mushimaru(PXH-3S) HBK-4P
Morlok(BLR-3M) HBK-4P
Pi Masta(BLR-3M) KIM-2
Lisento(PTR-6S) KIM-2
Nick D.(AS7-S) KIM-2
lain(BJ2-OF) SPT-N2
lain(TDR-7M) WHM-7K
Fenix(MR-5M) TR1
Kevin P.(PTR-6S) MR-5M
stink123(SRM_Carrier) SCB-9T
Rand_Grim(NG-C3A) MR-5M
stink123(FootSquad-ISRM) MR-5M

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