Player Stats for: (Anger)

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Player has a total of 70 donor points.
Rank: 20
Base Claims: 583
Total XP: 170,186
Objective Claims: 6
Kills: 937
Players Referred: 0

Latest 20 Kills (Most Recent at Top)
Victim(Unit)Killer's Unit
Calvin Berry(Cyrano) IMP-2E
Mordak Shiar(OSR-2D) IMP-2E
Uma(WHM-7K) FLS-8K
Uma(TDR-7M) WHM-7K
Elfcat(AS7-S) WHM-7K
Searn(BLR-3M) WHM-7K
Searn(FLS-8K) WHM-7K
Kirby Drake(H-7C) FLS-8K
Sniper(BL9-KNT) FLS-8K

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