Today's Updates: 7/20/08

  • Added the following new weapons from 3075/Total War: IS.SnubNosedPPC, IS.LightPPC, IS.HeavyPPC.
  • The 'heatcutoff' command is now disabled, as it is non-FASA munchkind garbage. You'll need to keep TSM active by shooting at stuff.
Kelvin McCorvin on Sunday 20 July 2008 - 15:06:47  

Today's Updates: 7/16/08

  • Units from the 2500 era are in and buyable (Al).
  • More new maps added to the rotation (scenario staff).
  • Training system text tweaks (Flak).
  • com titles, freqs, and channel modes may now be set on units inside of carriers.
Kelvin McCorvin on Wednesday 16 July 2008 - 21:36:07  

Player Helpers Wanted

The PR Staff is hiring new members. Since this job require assistance of new players, applicants must have a good knowledge of the game, willingness to help others and constant activity. Any player interested contact Flak in-game or post an application in the Q & A Forum. Current unactive PR Staff members will be removed.
Kelvin McCorvin on Friday 11 July 2008 - 18:36:34  

Today's Updates: 7/05/08

  • Objectives destroyed by HQs no longer bug out.
  • You may no longer embark before spawning.
  • Extracting with a destroyed rotor now works.
  • Loading standard ammo in NarcBeacon launchers and a few other weapon types in the sims works.
  • Base claim emits are colored based on faction like gens and relays.
  • The advancement point bug with the training console has been fixed. If you have messed up skills/AP, go there and use the reset command then re-train.
  • There is now a reset command in the training room that will set all of your skills back to their initial values and give you your AP back. This makes it easy to change loadouts.
  • Probe-2 now emits contacts as was initially intended.
  • setmech should now display the correct spawn cost.
Kelvin McCorvin on Saturday 05 July 2008 - 00:26:13  

Help Wanted: Head of PR

Through no fault of their own, the PR staff has been a pretty loose collection of helpful players doing their own thing. It's been a while since concerted effort was made to help new players, and we'd really like to get back to that. We are in need of an active, enthusiastic individual to re-build our PR staff with fresh, active members, and work with them to help new players even better.

No softcode or administrative experience is required, but is a plus. Anyone with a strong knowledge of the game is welcome to apply. Simply shoot me an email and I can go over the particulars.
Kelvin McCorvin on Tuesday 01 July 2008 - 12:26:08  

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