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Battletech: The Frontier Lands is a text-based, real-time version of the popular Battletech board game by FASA. Players take to the front lines of a brutal war, piloting their own implements of destruction against one another.

If you'd like to learn more about the game and what it's about, see our documentation site's page, What is the Frontier? Alternatively, you may connect and get going right away (although we do recommend reading the aforementioned linked page.) port 5555
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BTMUX - Civil War. New RS!

A multi-national empire spanning the known galaxy, the Federated Commonwealth was formed when the First Prince of the Federated Suns, Hanse Davion married Melissa Steiner. The new nation, however, was
doomed. The year is 3063. The place? Tikonov. The FedCom civil war is just beginning. How will it turn out? You decide. Will you work your way through the ranks, eventually becoming a key player in
civil war, having your name forever recorded in history - or will you burn up loudly, your body atomizing as a bolt of man-made lighting carves a molten hole in the head of your Battlemech? 2950

3063: The Battle for Tikonov is the newest BattletechMUX. It is a semi-traditional RS-site, with a few twists.

* It's an actual campaign. The campaign begins on Tikonov, in 3063. The 1st NAIS Cadet Cadre and the remains of the Valexa Capellan March Militia, both staunch supported of Prince Victor Steiner-
Davion, are squaring off against the 15th Deneb Light Cavalry Regimental Combat Team.
* Our unique new FRONT feature allows for a much higher level of strategy, varied terrain for combat, and a strategic deployment of forces. The FRONT feature is defined by the capture of Firebases,
and their surrounding Zones of Control. Traditional RS objectives, such as Complexes, Mines, and Factories can then be claimed in enemy zones bordering yours. Supply lines, of interconnected zones,
become important as well - units and pilots can only shuffled into firebases that you control a Zone-Path to. Otherwise, break out the marching tunes, 'cause you're walking. Deployable support units
are also available for zones you control.
* Spend your own person in-game currency on your own Battlemech, or rigs to make your Battlemech better.

Become part of BTMUX history as we fight, together, to re-pen the civil war, one battle at a time!

Join us @ 2950
-The Staff of BTMUX: Civil War
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