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Sites that are useful for MU* players in general.
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BattletechMUX Community Portal
The official BattletechMUX Community portal, home to much development, discussion, and other fun things BTMux-related.
not rated - 0
HeavyMetal Software
Home to HeavyMetal Pro and other useful templating programs, utilities, and fun things.
 6.3 - 3 votes - 0
Perl and Python scriptable MU* Client for Unix. Comes with graphical Battletech HUD Plugin and some scripts for it.
 6.3 - 3 votes - 0
A popular Battletech community. Paid subscription only. Does offer some CBT books in PDF format though.
not rated - 0
Studio 2 Publishing
The Battletech section of Studio 2 Publishing's website, the distributor for CBT.
not rated - 0
A java-based graphical HUD for BattletechMUX. Should work on almost any platform.
 9.5 - 4 votes - 1
A great Battletech news/resource site with lots of downloads and forums.
not rated - 0
Solaris7, The Gaming World: Information for Classic Battletech Communities.
not rated - 0
BattletechMUX Documentation Site
The BattletechMUX documentation wiki.
not rated - 0
BattletechMUX SourceForge Project
The BattletechMUX SourceForge Project. Bug/Task trackers and file downloads can be found here.
not rated - 0
3030 Codebase SourceForge Project
The old 3030 codebase that we are based off of. No longer actively maintained.
not rated - 0
Kareila's TinyFugue Macros
Collection of useful TinyFugue macros.
not rated - 0
Inner Sphere Atlas
A browsable, searchable list of the planets in the Inner Sphere along with some information and a description of each.
not rated - 0
DropShip Command
Features a forum and fan fiction. Also offers news.
not rated - 0
Wizkids - MechWarrior
The new breed of Battletech board game produced by Wizkids.
not rated - 0
A very feature-rich client with much in line of scripting, triggers, macros, and functionality. A bit hard to start off with but a great client for those who like bells and whistles
not rated - 0
One of the most popular MU* resource sites. Features forums and a large selection of game/resource listings.
not rated - 0
Battletech Mod Productions
Battletech Mod Productions is a website committed to the support and development of Mods and Electronic Projects based on Classic Battletech.
not rated - 0
A console based client that runs on a variety of operating systems. While TF is very powerful, it does not use a graphical interface and the learning curve can be steep
 10.0 - 1 vote - 0
A MU* community site focusing more on articles and forum discussion rather than listing games.
not rated - 0
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