Category: BattletechMUX [Codebase related links.] (5)

Category: BattletechMUX (5)
Codebase related links.
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3030 Codebase SourceForge Project
The old 3030 codebase that we are based off of. No longer actively maintained.
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BattletechMUX Community Portal
The official BattletechMUX Community portal, home to much development, discussion, and other fun things BTMux-related.
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BattletechMUX Documentation Site
The BattletechMUX documentation wiki.
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BattletechMUX Mailing Lists
The mailing list index for BattletechMUX.
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BattletechMUX SourceForge Project
The BattletechMUX SourceForge Project. Bug/Task trackers and file downloads can be found here.
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