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Command Reference Chart
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Mart Bochum
Sun Jan 29 2006, 10:16AM
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Joined: Sun Jan 21 2007, 12:17PM
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When I found out that many commands aren't listed in the Wiki and could only be found in some obscure sub-menus within the game or by mouth-to-mouth propaganda I got the nagging feeling of missing some essential commands that could turn my cheap mech in a killing machine, so I wrote down several commands I encountered over the time.

Following Kelvin's suggestion I put my notes in a slightly more readable format and now post them here to help our new players on their start in the world of text-based warfare.

I could find no suitable hosting, so I put everything in the post below. It probably looks messed up, but should be readable when cut & pasted in a simple .txt file.

Since I am hardly a master of chart formatting, the English language or Frontiermux, please feel free to correct or comment the text. I consider it a work in progress and would really appreciate if somebody would put it in a format suitable for use in the Wiki.
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Mart Bochum
Sun Jan 29 2006, 10:16AM
Registered Member #815
Joined: Sun Jan 21 2007, 12:17PM
Posts: 4

The following text is intended to provide new players with a list of commands available on the battletech mux. The first column lists the mapped key in xpertmud, the second column the

macro command, the third column the full command, the fourth contains a short description. I intentionally omitted

several duplicate commands and probably missed a few unknown to me. The commands are roughly grouped according to

their use, but I suggest every player to see for himself which ones are of use, and to rearrange and print them

out for quick reference. Have fun, and watch your heat!


stats Character information
orders Current faction orders
.cs census Who is online in my faction?
.css census/spawn Where did my teammates spawn?


.n navigate Navigational map
.t tactical Tactical map
VECTOR [] Bearing and range of target hex
ETA [ ] Estimates time to target (/default target)
FINDCENTER Shows distance/bearing to center of hex.
NAVIGATE Shows the hex and surroundings graphically

.bl baselist List of bases
.gen genlist List of generators
.rel relaylist List of relays
.fl fuellist List of fuel depots

.blm baselist/map Map of bases
.genl genlist/map Map of generators
.relm relaylist/map Map of relays
.wl warplist List of warps


respawn/home Respawn at HQ (Have to be at the respawn room)
respawn/hotbase Respawn at hotbase (see orders)
respawn/od Orbital drop at specified location
rtb Return to Base
.eb enterbase
.lb leavebase
EMBARK Climb into a 'mech / vehicle
DISEMBARK Gets the hell out of the 'mech / vehicle.
UDISEMBARK Get the unit out of it's carrier.


setmech Choose a Mech. Look "stats" to see models available to you
loadset Opens a screen where you can set preferences for your mech

startup [override] Start up your reactor
shutdown Shut down your reactor
explode reactor Explode your reactor (120 sec. timer)
explode ammo Explode your ammo

NP / .st status Check your mech for heat, damage, etc.
STATUS [A(rmor) | I(nfo)] | W(eapons)] Prints the mech's status
Shows the Critical hits status

.at addtic Commands to groups weapons in "tics" - can
.ct cleartic be a range (i.e. 2-4) or a list (i.e. 2,3,4)
.dt deltic .lt listtic ap Sets/Unsets the autocannon to fire armor piercing rounds.
artemis Toggle normal/artemis ammunition for missile system
hotload Toggle LRM into being hotloaded or not.
lbx Toggle LBX autocannon to use normal/cluster ammo.
narc Toggle missile system to use normal/narc ammp.
.ul ultra Toggle Ultra autocannon to fire at normal/double rate
.inf inferno Toggle missile system to use normal/inferno rounds.
fireswarm Toggle missile system to use normal/swarm rounds
fireswarm1 Toggle missile system to use normal/swarm1 rounds
EXPLOSIVE Toggles between explosive/normal rounds
GATTLING Sets weapon to and from Gattling Mode (machineguns only).

HEAT Sets a flamer to and from heat mode`.
INARC <-|X|Y|E> Sets the type of ammo to fire from your iNarc weapon.
'-': standard Homing, 'X': Explosive, 'Y': Haywire, 'E': ECM
STINGER PRECISION Sets/Unsets the autocannon to fire precision rounds.
RAC <-/2/4/6> Sets the Rotary AutoCannon to fire either 1, 2, 4 or 6 shots at a

RAPIDFIRE Sets weapon to and from Rapid Fire Mode (std and light ACs only).

USEBIN Draw ammo from first for .
DISABLE Disables the weapon (Gauss only).

.mas masc Activate MASC system
HEATCUTOFF Sets your heat dissipation so that you wont go under 9 heat for


DUMP [] Dumps the ammunition for the weapon / in the location [

crit ] /
all ammunition in the 'mech / stops all dumping in

AUTOTURRET Forces your turret to stay facing the locked target.
EXTINGUISH Puts out the fires on your vehicle. You must be shut down to do


C3 [ID|-] Joins/Leaves a C3 network which the target mech is in.
You will be assigned to a master computer within the network.
C3MESSAGE Sends a message to all others in your C3 network
C3TARGETS Shows available C3 targeting information
C3NETWORK Displays information about your C3 network
C3I [ID|-] Joins/Leaves the C3i network connected to the target
C3IMESSAGE Sends a message to all others in your C3i network
C3ITARGETS Shows available C3i targeting information
C3INETWORK Displays information about your C3i network


comlist Currently joined Channels
fa Faction channel
.ca sendchannel a=* Combat channel (cb: sendchannel b etc.)
radio [ID]=message Send message to mech in your LOS
page [username]=message Send message to player
.lch listchannels
command Orbital request menus and other stuff
.re REPORT [ | ] Send contact report to our factionmates

SETCHANNELFREQ = Sets channel to frequency .
SETCHANNELMODE = Sets channel mode (available letters: DIUES,

color codes).
SETCHANNELTITLE = Sets channel comtitle to .


.br BRIEF [ ] Shows brief status / Sets brief for to .
.se sensor * * Sensor settings
l Light Amplification
v visual
e EM (woods)
i Infrared (mountains, heat)
s Seismic
b Beagle
bl Bloodhound (Beagle x 2)
r Radar
long sensor description
.we weather
view View the war painting on the target

.c contacts List all current contacts
.l lock .sc SCAN [ | | ] Scans the default target, chosen target, or hex
.ts tscan Locate your factionmates

.b bearing bearing of target
.r range range to target
VECTOR [ ] Same format as range.
eta > eta to target

.elev lrs e * long range scan Heights
.mech lrs m * long range scan Terrain, mechs
LRS [ | ]
Shows the (Mech/Terrain/Elevation/LOS/Sensors/Height/Combined) lrs
TACTICAL [C | T | L] [ | ]
Shows the tactical map at the mech's location / at bearing and

/around chosen target


.h HEADING [num] Shows/Changes your heading to ( in degrees)
.s SPEED [num | walk | run | stop | back | flank | cruise]
Without arguments shows your present speed, otherwise changes your
lk/flank = 2/3x maxspeed, stop = 0, back = -2/3x maxspeed)

TURNMODE [TIGHT | NORMAL] Sets turnmode. Tight allows for faster turns, requires driving

ENTERBASE [N|W|S|E] Enters base/hangar/whatnever from selected dir.
ENTERBAY [REF] Enters bay of a moving(?) hangar (DropShip for example). Target ref

BOOTLEGGER [L | R] 90° turn. Requires piloting check
SPRINT Toggles sprinting mode. While sprinting you are easier to hit,
cannot attack, but can move 2xWalkSpeed.
EVADE Toggles evasion mode. While evading you are harder to hit, but cannot


KP 0 .sr speed run (.m)
.sw speed walk (.wk)
KP 5 .z speed 0
KP , .bk speed back

.j jump [DIR] [RANGE]
.dp prone (.dd)
.u stand (.up)

.v vertical [num] Vertical speed
lateral lateral movement


CTRL [n] FIRE [ | ] Fires weapon at def. target or specified target.
.ft firetic *
F1 .f firetic 0
F2 .ff firetic 1
F3 .fff firetic 2
F4 .ffff firetic 3
ALT [n] .s[n] SIGHT [ | ] Computes base-to-hit for given weapon and target.
Sets your aimed shot target / Disables targetting. [i]

.ax AXE [L|R|B] [UNIT ID]
.ch CHARGE [ | - ] Charges a target. '-' removes charge command.
.cho chop *
.thr thrash *
JUMP [UNIT ID] Death from above.

dig in (rough, forest, clear, or mountain hex)
HIDE Attempts to hide your team ; doesn't work if any hostiles have their eyeballs on

TAG [ID|-] Lights an enemy unit with your TAG / Disables current TAG.
SLITE Turns your searchlight on/off

PODS Shows the location of NARC and iNARC pods that attached to you
REMOVEPODS Removes all iNARC pods from the unit. unit has to be shut down.

UNJAM Fixes ammo loader jams.
FIXTURRET Starts to fix a turret. Only works on jammed turrets, not locked turrets.

SPOT [ID|-|OWNID]Sets someone as your spotter / makes you stop spotting / sets you as a spotter.

.fa fliparms Flip your mech's arms to shoot behind your back
.tu turret Turret heading

.rt rottorso [L|C|R] Torso rotation commands
.rc rottorso c
.rl rottorso l
.rr rottorso r


AMS Toggles Anti-Missile System on and off.
ECM Toggles the ECM status of your Guardian ECM suite
ECCM Toggles the ECCM status of your Guardian ECM suite
ANGELECM Toggles the ECM status of your Angel ECM suite
ANGELECCM Toggles the ECCM status of your Angel ECM suite
PERECM Toggles the ECM status of your Personal ECM suite
PERECCM Toggles the ECCM status of your Personal ECM suite
STEALTH Toggles status of Stealth Armor for those mechs equipped with it.
NSS Toggles status of the Null Signature System for those mechs equipped with it.


.col : courier/list
.cour : courier/list
.do : dropoff Drops the mech you are carrying.
.pu : pickup * Picks up [ID].

.lr : listrefs *
.vr : viewref *
.vrs : viewref/specs *
.vrw : viewref/weaponspecs *
.ws : weaponspecs Shows the specifications for your weapons
WEAPONSTATUS Shows the status of all your weapons

.oa outfit/listapps
.ol outfits
.or outfit/roster *
.cso census/outfit *
.fct factions
ofc officer menu
facroster officer menu

.bb : bbread *
.bbc : bbcatchup *
.bbl : bblist
.bbs : bbscan *


Some of the following commands are either not used on Frontiermux, some of them are too rare of use to be included

in one of the sections above, and still some other are duplicates of commands listed above.

.sch : setchannelfreq *
.scm : setchannelmode *
.sct : setchanneltitle *

info [ID] player info
who Online players
.ex 0 Display makroset 0
@alias = .act : activity
.actc : activity/con
.actm : activity/max
mnhelp MUD-Info
di : dive *
.ebay : enterbay *
.stf : staff

.ss : status s
.st : status *
.i : status i
.a : status a
.w : status w

.rac : critstatus ra
.tuc : critstatus tu
.rlc : critstatus rl
.rsc : critstatus rs
.rtc : critstatus rt
.lsc : critstatus ls
.ltc : critstatus lt
.llc : critstatus ll
.fllc : critstatus fll
.asc : critstatus as
.frlc : critstatus frl
.fsc : critstatus fs
.hac : critstatus h
.hc : critstatus h
.hdc : critstatus h
.lac : critstatus la
.ctc : critstatus ct

CHECKSTATUS Checks mech's techstatus
DAMAGES Shows the mech's damages
FIX [ | ] Fixes entry from mech's damages
FIXARMOR Repairs armor in FIXINTERNAL Repairs internals in REATTACH Reattaches the limb
RESEAL Reseals the limb
RELOAD [TYPE] Reloads the ammo compartment in / (optionally with [type])
TOGGLETYPE Set the type of ammo in ammobin / to type REMOVEGUN Removes the gun
REMOVEPART Removes the part
REMOVESECTION Removes the section
REPLACEGUN [ | ] [ITEM] Replaces the gun in the position (optionally with [ITEM], like

REPAIRGUN [ | ] Repairs the gun in the position
REPLACEPART Replaces the part in the position
REPAIRPART Repairs the part in the position
REPAIRS Shows repairs/scrapping in progress
UNLOAD Unloads the ammo compartment in /Cargo
LOADCARGO Loads up s from the bay.
MANIFEST Lists stuff carried by mech.
STORES Lists stuff in the bay.
UNLOADCARGO Unloads s to the bay.

listresp List respawns
.acon : reportcon a *
.app : +approve *
.cl : climb *
SCHARGE Toggles Supercharger on and off

.pa : +pairs *
.pac : +pairs/color *
.reg : +reglist
.stln : +st/listnew
.th : thrust *

FIRECLUSTER Sets/unsets artillery weapon to fire cluster rounds.
FIREMINE Sets/unsets artillery weapon to fire mine rounds.
FIRESMOKE Sets/unsets artillery weapon to fire smoke rounds.
FLECHETTE Sets/Unsets the autocannon to fire flechette rounds.

Mart Bochum, 29.01.2006
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Kelvin McCorvin
Sun Jan 29 2006, 10:36AM
Head Admin

Registered Member #2
Joined: Sun Jan 21 2007, 12:35AM
Posts: 271
Excellent work, this is definitely a useful thing. With your permission, I can either get someone to PDF it or do it myself time permitting. This could come in handy for many.
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Mart Bochum
Sun Jan 29 2006, 10:46AM
Registered Member #815
Joined: Sun Jan 21 2007, 12:17PM
Posts: 4
Please go ahead.
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Anjo Nori
Wed Oct 25 2006, 11:13AM
Registered Member #725
Joined: Tue Oct 24 2006, 05:47PM
Posts: 5
Did anyone ever put this in some sort of document?
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Sun Oct 29 2006, 02:58AM
Registered Member #2981
Joined: Tue Jan 23 2007, 02:22AM
Posts: 22
wow nice, I need some of this. btw, is this on the wiki now?
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Fri Jan 26 2007, 11:53AM
Registered Member #2482
Joined: Sat Jan 27 2007, 11:04AM
Posts: 32
Any chance this could get stickied for the benefit of new players? And so the rest of us can find it easier if we need to?
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Wed Jan 31 2007, 12:54AM

Registered Member #3133
Joined: Wed Jan 31 2007, 12:34AM
Posts: 5
If you need someone to host the file, send me an email at draeathcom

PGP Key: 0xF44C402C
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Kelvin McCorvin
Wed Jan 31 2007, 07:27AM
Head Admin

Registered Member #2
Joined: Sun Jan 21 2007, 12:35AM
Posts: 271
It's more of an issue of someone spending the time to PDF or write it in some form of document other than the board. We've got a ton of space on this server since it's ours to use, just nobody has stepped up to format this yet.
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Moishi Rainguneen
Mon Feb 19 2007, 10:35AM
Registered Member #668
Joined: Sun Feb 18 2007, 10:15PM
Posts: 2
OK, I did it. But I am brand spanking new and the formatting didn't copy/paste correctly so there are probably lots of mistakes. But it is condensed to 3 pages, with clear sections and whatnot. Here is the pdf and the zip contains the actual document in OpenDocument format. Please make corrections, edits, rearrange, whatever...just share the knowledge with us nooblets. Let me know what you think.
1171899193_668_FT35_bmux_keys.pdf [/html]
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Kelvin McCorvin
Mon Feb 19 2007, 09:04PM
Head Admin

Registered Member #2
Joined: Sun Jan 21 2007, 12:35AM
Posts: 271
Looks really good so far. I do have some suggestions, however.

You really don't need any of the tech commands such as FIX, FIXARMOR, RESEAL, REATTACH, etc. We don't use any of those here. They basically only nead to know about loadcrit and tweaktarg. So basically all of the commands CHECKSTATUS through UNLOADCARGO can be removed for the sake of brevity.

Towards the bottom under officer commands, it looks like the table might've gotten mixed up. ofc and some of the other commands seem to have the command name and the description in the same column.

Looks good though, I'll make sure to announce this.
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Moishi Rainguneen
Tue Feb 20 2007, 06:52AM
Registered Member #668
Joined: Sun Feb 18 2007, 10:15PM
Posts: 2
OK, I can make those changes. Basically I took what was here and copy/pasted it, so headings may be wrong, and descriptions maybe wrong or incomplete. Please everybody go through it with a fine toothed comb and tell me what to fix, add, group differently, etc. I would be more than happy to make this my pet project because it helps me learn the commands and possibly helps the community.
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Wed Mar 21 2007, 02:52PM
Registered Member #3897
Joined: Mon Jan 22 2007, 03:19AM
Posts: 3
It's nice in a way, but in a way even more frustrating for lack of info on what a thing is or does. What is gattling mode? The heatcutoff explanation is itself, quite ironically, CUT OFF! What is climbing and thrusting (sounds a wee bit suggestive yes?), what is reportcon about?

I guess looking those would be my five commands I'm most curious to know about: gattling, heatcutoff, climb, thrust, and reportcon. Is reportcon the one where you relay contact info on the radio channel to teammates?
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Wed Mar 21 2007, 07:00PM
Registered Member #683
Joined: Sun Jan 21 2007, 01:46PM
Posts: 26
climb and thrust (unless on something i haven't piloted) aren't used, because those are aero commands (aero/dropship).
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