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Frontier Lands-Still Active?
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Wed Oct 28 2009, 01:58PM
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The title says it all really. I logged in a couple of days ago and found only 1 other pilot on. Can I respectfully ask if the game is still operational? Im still a n00b looking to learn how to fight in a battletech mux.

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Sat Oct 31 2009, 03:26AM
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Well, most people don't spend much time on Frontiers, but try port 3027 for scenario, player-driven gaming, or port 3065 for straight up simming. 3027 just restarted a new scen so now is the best time to sign up and get trained in!
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Mon Nov 02 2009, 06:38PM
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Thank you Zwischy.......logged into port 3027, more activity.

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Fri Nov 27 2009, 11:24AM
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By the way, any sign of an updated thud for 3027?
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Korvin Kray
Sat Dec 05 2009, 12:21AM

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And now 3027 is down again.

Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
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Aleria Everonn
Mon Dec 07 2009, 03:09PM
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WTF with 3027 guyz?

EVA out.
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Thu Feb 11 2010, 08:38PM

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Players have moved over to 3060 instead
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