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Xpertmud - Slightly changed for 3027
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Wed Jul 22 2009, 02:09PM
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I've attached a slightly modified PerlScript which had alot of useful RS functions and one in particular that I changed to be compatible for 3027.

Stick the .PL into xpertmud/appdata/perl with the rest

You can edit bookmark -> Scripting -> #parse '' to get it running. Make sure to use single quotes!

A recent change to !new frequencies will now allow xpertmud users to set the new frequencies on their character simply by reading the frequency board.

For example:

=======================[ MI Freqs ]=======================
Message: 2/8 Posted Author
New Freqs: Wed Jul 22 11:28:27 200 Wed Jul 22 11:28:27 Musashi
New Frequencies as of: Wed Jul 22 11:28:27 2009

================================= Frequencies ================================
Main: xxxxxx
Backup: xxxxx
Strike: xxxxxx
Heavy: xxxxxx

Scream: xxxxxx

Chat: xxxxxx
Musashi/F_MAIN - Set.
Musashi/F_BACKUP1 - Set.
Musashi/F_STRIKE - Set.
Musashi/F_HEAVY - Set.
Musashi/F_SCREAM1 - Set.
Musashi/F_CHAT - Set.

Once you enter a mech use the following commands:

setallfreqs - Sets the channels A-E including Chat.
setallmodes Sets the channels A-E modes based on this chuck of code in the script:

# Configure your prefered channel settings here
my %mapping = (# primary channel, Modes, Backup channel, mode, backup slot

If you open up the .pl file in any code editor you can change the order the channels are set as well as the default modes.

Also of use:

setbackupfreqs (Changes A chan to backup, and sets main channel to E or F)
zeroallfreqs (Zero's all channels if you get deaded)

If you see an enemy claim trigger, you can type

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