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[poll] Respawn time for dammaged mechs
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Tue Apr 21 2009, 02:56PM
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Add a timer to respawn a damaged 'mech?

Yes, it will make the game more fun.

Yes but a slightly different from what you said. (post below)

No, your idea is dumb.

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Its quite frustrating to fight a 100 ton 'mech into crippling damage only to have it rtb and return less than 30 sec later at full strength.

I suggest that a timer be used to slow the rtb and respawn of the same 'mech. I think the time should be equal to the timer if the 'mech died multiplied by the damage percent on the 'mech. The damage percent would be based upon the teamscan value.

Time = deathtime * (1 - conditon from teamscan)

This will also force people to use more than one favorite 'mech.
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Thu Sep 02 2010, 03:37PM
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I think this is a good idea.
Its not like we are taking our mechs through a touchless car wash.
If they are damaged (not destroyed), it should take some time to repair them.

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