Donating to the Frontier

The Frontier is currently a free-standing project maintained by a group of staffers and players. We lack corporate funding and the resources associated with being sponsored and must therefore rely on the contributions from our players to gather funds for such things as advertisements and hosting expenditures. While we will never force our players to chip in money, we do ask that if you have played and enjoyed our game, please consider contributing a small amount to further our cause.

What are donations spent on?

Donations are spent on advertisements, software needed for development, Battletech materials, and supporting our developers. Of particular importance is the advertising, which we hope will bolster our userbase, thus making the gaming experience here better for all.

What incentives do I have to donate?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer much in the line of tangible rewards but we will have some in-game things. For each US dollar spent, you receive a donation point. You may spend these in-game and receive special units. We also list donors (those who don't wish to remain anonymous) on the website in the donation block for all to see.

Donation Points will be redeemable in-game for things like:
  • Special/Custom Mechs (Approx. 1 DP per Ton)

How do I donate

Click on the link below and you'll be directed to Paypal where you can carry out the donation. You'll be given the option eventually to provide additional information in a big text box. Make sure you put the character(s) you'd like the donation points to go to (remember, $1 USD = 1 DP).

How do I redeem my donation points?

The best way to redeem donation points is to come up with a custom mech with the rough 1 Donation Point = 1 Ton conversion rating. Send an @mail to Ace in-game with the specifics of your design and/or schedule a time to meet with him to discuss your design. Once you have a draft complete and readied by Ace, you're ready to type dmech/submit (reference) to submit your ref for review. From then on, you can follow its progress through review by typing dmech (reference). Updates will be sent to your in-game @mail.


  • Do I have to have a PayPal account to donate?
  • No, you need only have a credit/debit card or a PayPal account to donate.
  • Do you accept donations by snail mail?
  • Yes, contact me at and I'll get the needed info to you.

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