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Battletech: The Frontier Lands is a text-based, real-time version of the popular Battletech board game by FASA. Players take to the front lines of a brutal war, piloting their own implements of destruction against one another.

If you'd like to learn more about the game and what it's about, see our documentation site's page, What is the Frontier? Alternatively, you may connect and get going right away (although we do recommend reading the aforementioned linked page.) port 5555
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MercsMUX - Seeking Beta Applicants

So you want to be a mercenary? Like big robots shooting big robot guns at big robots? Then read on.

Battletech: Mercenaries is a new MUX, initially set on the planet Galatea. Players either join, or form their own, mercenary units, which hire their services out to the various factions, including the
Great Houses and other political entities. Success builds your unit's standing, fame and wealth; failure isn't an option.

MercsMux owes much to its many BTMU* predecessors, but also features multiple new systems that completely change the nature of online Battletech gameplay. Highlights include:

- Fully automated RealSpace mission system, featuring both PVE-
and PVP-style combat

- Flexible team creation system, which allows players to create their
own units, hire and fire pilots, and negotiate individualized

- Customizable 'Mechs and other combat units

- Dynamic character advancement system and economy, in which players
(individually) and units (collectively) progress along multiple

- Substantially expanded skill usage, which opens multiple character
generation options - want better mission payouts? Be prepared to
negotiate; salvage an enemy unit and want to use it yourself? Better
find someone who can decrypt the pass-codes; want to customize your
'Mech? Make sure your squad includes someone who can tinker with the

- Active story-arcs, in which player actions determine the outcomes and
impact the game's evolving timeline

We are currently seeking a limited number of play-testers for our closed Beta. Please send applications to btmercs© including the following information:

(1) your preferred in-game name (and any other names you have used on BTMU* in the past)
(2) your general experience level with BTMU*
(3) your experience, if any, as a play-tester
(4) your typical activity levels and expected availability over the next few weeks
(5) a brief description of why you would like to be picked for this Beta, and how you feel you can contribute.

Ideally, we would like participants of various experience levels, so do not hesitate to apply even if you are new to BTMU*. If you have never played a BTMU*, and this advertisment intrigues you, send us an
e-mail letting us know - we will be sure to keep you updated on our progress and notify you for our open Beta.

- The Admin of MercsMux
Power Shaper on Friday 08 October 2010 - 14:54:35  

Tankers Rejoice!

Not many people go a full dedicated tanker route on our game. But for those that do (or those who at least do semi-vehicle related tasks) will enjoy the recent change.

The 3058 era has been divided up into the normal 3058 era and the new 3058-NonMech era. The new -NonMech era is pretty much what you think it is....every Non-BattleMech unit from 3058 for the most part. This includes VTOLs and Battlesuits as well. This new era is now available for perma-buying. Before this change, Tankers had only a few Star League era vehicles of which to partake upon if they wanted to field units mounting newer technology. This change opens up a slew of new choices for them from the tiny, but very annoying Yellow Jacket VTOL to the frightening Challenger X MBT.

Incidentally, these vehicles, while 3058 in era, only use 3050 level technology. Meaning, there are no weapons available on these units that is not already available on a Perma-Buyable BattleMech (such as LightGaussRifles, ERMedium Lasers, and so on). Well I suppose if you count the Infiltrator 2's MagshotGRs, but I do not.
Captain QB on Thursday 04 December 2008 - 18:08:11  

Ammo-based units

Loadcrit - No longer have to shutdown, just have to be on a base/hq hex and speed zero. Must also NOT be unconscious.

Ammo_Truck requestable - no longer costs as much. It now has additional armor to help keep it safe while it moves in to reload your unit.


Often, ammo-based units on the MUX get snubbed in favor of a energy-based one. While the Ammunition levels designed by the core rules work in the board game, they often pale when introduced to real-time game play (most Mechwarrior games up the ammo levels of weapons to compensate) We try to follow the core rules, which sometimes makes our Ammo Designs suffer. These changes should help keep them balanced during game play.
Captain QB on Sunday 09 November 2008 - 15:32:07  

New Command

A quick new command
Patchup - Only available on Base Hexes, this will let you reload the previously unreloadable One-Shot weapons in addition to fixing other minor items such as Search Lights free of charge. Only available on a base hex or the HQ hex while shutdown. I suppose you could do it in the respawn room too, but I really doubt you will need patchups in there.

Also a new requestable
SpotLight - A thickly armored bunker for hiding Battle Armor units in safety. It has no weaponry, but it can use its Seach Light system to help eliminate the 'fun' of fighting at night.
Captain QB on Friday 07 November 2008 - 14:03:54  

Changes a-plent.y

We have had a number of tweaks we have performed in order to increase playability over the past month or so. Sadly, it is not all detailed in one exact area, so this will (hopefully) let people catchup on everything that has been changed, modified, or added at once.

Heavier turrets (Turret-1 through 4) can only be built one per hex. This will prevent people from dropping several turrets on one spot and create an impassible area for smaller forces. You can (obviously) still move mobile requestables, like a MRU, through the same hex without any issues.

Several Extra Light Fusion (XL) BattleMechs have been issued a priced percentile discount to encourage more varied unit use. Some of these units (Like AS7-K) were pushing 20 million + over their Standard Fusion cousins (AS7-S) and were simply not worth the price paid. If you owned one of the units discounted, you were refunded the change in price. Discounts are given at the Admin's discression and will continue to change until things are deemed balanced. A fully detailed list of which units were effected will be available on the Forums later.

Outfits - No longer moved together during faction changes. This is a change to help keep teams balanced until a more advanced system can be put into place.

Requestable - New unit, the Bradley, is nothing more then an APC so Battle Armor can buy a ride without wasting the cash on a much larger Amphib or Garixis. It can carry 8 tons of Battle Armor goodness!

Request Commands - You can now do Command/Force (unit)=command to issue direct commands to a unit should the AI get stuck somewhere it cannot seem to get out of. Type the commands as though you were personally piloting the unit such as "command/force #1234=heading 270". It can also be used to force units to 'sprint' or 'evade' as there are no AI orders to trigger this yet. Should you own a carrier-requestable you may now use AI/Relieve to take command of the unit personally (while riding inside of it) and drive it around. You may also use AI/Init to order the NPC pilot to take back the controls when you are ready to disembark. Only the owner of the requestable may do this.

Kill Cash - You now get a small sliver of cash when you frag an enemy. All nearby allied units will also get an equal chunk. The payout is based off of the Victim's Initial BV and the Killer's Initial such an UrbanMech that manages to take out an IMP will obviously get a better payout then the other way around. Incentives are also counted into this. Destroying some requestable units (like Probes or Ammo Trucks) yields no reward. AI NPCs (pirates) still give out payments as normal though.

HQs - Once armed with an array of support weapons, these towers are now unarmed save for a BloodHound Probe. While still immune to fire, a pair of Guardian Turrets (Turret-Guard) have replaced them as the means of keeping the HQ safe. The turrets are destroyable, but yield no reward. They will regenerate after 15-20 minutes of being destroyed to resume protecting their base.

[ More ]
Captain QB on Wednesday 05 November 2008 - 13:17:07  

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